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The CMS hadronic calorimeter The CMS hadron calorimeter project CERN LHCC 97 031 The ATLAS liquid argon calorimeter Technical Design Report (1996) CERN LHCC 9...
* Seminar by Erik Heijne (16.06.2016): "Silicon detectors: 60 years of innovations" link * Historic review of trackers for heavy ion physics: From streamer cha...
Principles of RICH detectors E. Nappi, "RICH detectors", 8th ICFA Instrumentation School in Elementary Particle Physics: CERN EP 99 149 Chapter 18 in Handboo...
Drift chambers Blum, Rolandi basic book bu not easy to read *
Main.RalfAverbeck 11 Oct 2016
Main.RalfAverbeck 11 Oct 2016
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