WS 2016-2017: Master seminar - Particle tracking and identification at high rates

Modus operandi:

  • 6 ECTS credit points == 180 hours of your work
  • includes: literature research, preparation of your presentation, write up (10-12 pages), weekly attendance


  • Written reports
    1st draft to supervisors by March 10, 2017
    final draft uploaded by March 31, 2017
  • First meeting with students on 21.10.2016 - assignment of topics
  • Every Friday at 14:00, at the Physikalisches Institut, room 1.106
  • Seminars start on Friday 18.11.2016 and will continue until the beginning of February 2017
    • 60 minutes for the seminar and discussions
    • possibility to have an additional hands-on session (~30 min), depending on the availability of ALICE data and material
  • meet at least 6 weeks before your presentation with your supervisor
  • we will hand out literature, not exhaustive, please feel free to uses inspire, wikipedia, cern web sites, ...
  • 4 weeks before your presentation: rough structure of presentation should exist
  • regular meetings with students (3-4x) to prepare the seminars, includinga rehearsal: Wednesdays with Silvia, Kai, Marian and Federica
  • indico events for the individual seminars are here:


  • TPC candidates: (tentatively on November 18, 25 and December 2, 9 and 16) Link to material
    • Principle of TPC operation
    • Diffusion and space point resolution
    • Signal creation, energy loss and dE/dx
    • Particle reconstruction
    • Space point distortions
  • Monolithic Active PixelS (MAPS) (with Silvia, not on January 13 and not on February 10, other dates are OK) Link to material
  • Hadronic and electromagnetic calorimetry x 2 (with Kai, absent on Nov 11, all other dates are OK) Link to material
  • RICH detectors (with Federica, not first half of November - other dates OK) Link to material
  • Wireless signal and power transmission (with Hans Kristian Solveit, availability to be confirmed) Link to material
  • Vertex reconstruction

Earlier lectures on particle detectors

  • Prof. Dr. Harald Appelshäuser, Institut fuer Kernphysik Goethe-Universitat TPC lectures 2014
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