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Motivation: It is currently not possible to see what files are present on different xrootd clusters of GSI, unless one has the right to login on the machines. The following application allows to browse the file servers through the xrootd client admin interface.

Needed files: TDirXroot.h contains the actual application. To run it, you also need a list of hosts to scan. Some such lists are already attached here. Don't forget to provide the correct port for accessing lxfs51 and other local file servers with non-default xrootd port. Provide a list of real file servers, not the redirector.

How to use it: note The interface can be changed according to user requests.

You need to know which directory you want to start from (it's not possible to go higher than this directory). On the gsiaf cluster it is possible to give just the top level "/". On the AliEn SE, you can't start from "/", but have to specify an existing directory - see ... for details.

Some examples:

Note, that once you have displayed the directories in the browser, functions ExportToFile() and PrintHosts() are available in the context menu (by right-clicking the directory icon).

A known "problem": If you see an error message like "Srv err: Unable to locate /AliMC/sma/v4-05-08/charm_test/; No such file or directory"

Troubleshooting: If it seems not to work, check the servers in the list. If, on on of the servers, xrootd process got killed, the browser can't connect there and keeps retrying.

Ignore it, it just means that this directory is not present on one of the file servers in the list. It should only appear once per directory, and not be displayed again for the sub-directories. -- AnnaKreshuk - 05 Feb 2008
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